Weekly photo challenge: Interconnectedness

IMG_4202.JPGI love colour, pattern and form, and I sometimes wonder at the way my mind works when it comes to the creative process. I make jewellery, mainly working in glass, enamel and silver, but with any material that lets me add colour to my work. Often it is only in retrospect that the connections appear as I assemble collages of images I have previously taken and filed away in the buried “photo-neurons” of my brain, that then recycle themselves into my making. Nature and my senses play a big part in my initial inspiration, but the jigsaw of connections between what I have seen and what emerges into my jewellery are paths of randomly connected mystery!


Slowly grows the lichen

IMG_0737There is something about lichen that fascinates me. Not just the colours and textures but the tenacity of this self supporting organism, growing at only a millimetre or two a year, taking hold, imperceptibly, multiplying with a slow motion stop frame blink of a creep across the rock, or branch or even on the top of postboxes. There’s a poem that describes these little yellow puddles like “golden coins dropped from the sky”. I like that analogy. I am forever taking photos of mosses and lichens, one can never have enough I tell my husband who is again waiting for me to catch him up on our spring walk. Inspiration comes in many forms, mine is liking lichens.

Slowly grows the lichen part 1

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Thank you for reading my new blog, I am just getting used housing WordPress, so please bear with me. The purpose of my blog is to give you a backdrop to my collections, where my ideas originate and how I am carrying them forwards through the 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration that is being a designer/maker into finished pieces of jewellery. My creative journey often starts with a photograph, written observations, sometimes poetry, prose, or creative writing, perhaps some doodles and sketches, or collage in a mix of media before experimenting with materials that may lead me into jewellery, or perhaps somewhere else! I have been described as a “materials junkie and my magpie tendencies can always find a use for pretty much any morsel of fabric for practical or creative purposes. Come with me on my journey, and perhaps rediscover some of your own creativity along the way…..